What services are offered by CTM?

Pre and post-divorce issues:

  • custody
  • possession and access/visitation
  • child support
  • modification of prior orders
  • property division

Workplace disputes

Parent-adolescent conflicts

Family mediations (probate, business, interpersonal)




How do you charge for your services?

  • I charge an hourly rate that can be shared equally with the other party or one party can pay for the full amount; payment is due the day of the mediation.

What long is a mediation session?

  • Typically fours hours; I have a two hour minimum.

Do you travel to conduct mediations?

  • I’m available to travel to an attorney’s office in Travis County and outside Travis County with travel paid by the parties.

Do you offer a free consultation?

  • I offer a free twenty-minute consultation to an individual representing him/herself and to parents consulting on a parent-adolescent conflict.

What if I have to cancel a mediation?

  • A mediation cancelled by either party for any reason on or before the third business day prior to the mediation is subject to a cancellation fee at my hourly rate.

How do I reach you?

QuoteMarks1Belinda and I have worked together on family-law matters for over twenty years. When Belinda mediates a case, she actively listens to the parties, quickly grasps the parties’ positions and works efficiently toward an effective outcome. Anyone who is looking for a compassionate, attentive and effective mediator will find one in Belinda.QuoteMarks2